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'Merchant Ivory meets Tate Britain'

'Great place, fantastic to have a local art space to come to'

'What wonderful art, and what a great setting'

'What a beautiful space, I live locally but had never seen it before. I will definitely come again. Thank you!'

'Great experience in too busy London'

'Love the atmosphere and the combination of live performance and paintings'

'Fantastic idea! Gallery in a chapel... Love the show and would like to get involved'


'Beautiful work, great space and perfect interaction between the two. West London really needs a space like this'

'Love the building and will be back'

'Really excited to have this in the neighbourhood'

'Great space, great work, keep going!'

'Fantastic work! Hands cold but atmosphere so warm as ever! Second to none'


'Fantastic - keep up the great work and best of luck'

'Great to have this here. Exactly what the area needs'

'Love that you've made this happen. Thank you'

'Great paintings, loved the atmosphere of the place'

'An inspiring setting befitting of such inspiring work'

'Wonderful paintings. Love it'

'It's a relief to see a proper gallery supporting good work opening up in the area!'

'Great addition to the neighbourhood. And in a graveyard'

'A really good show, would love to see more'

'Wonderful space for some lovely work'

'Lovely show. More shows in this beautiful space, please. Well done'

'Bloody great'

'Loved the gallery and setting and hope to come back soon'

'Another really good use of the space - really interesting show'

'The finest of fine things, in the finest of settings'