Rosalie Schweiker: Own Things
Nov 2010 - Feb 2011

During her residency at Intervention Gallery, artist Rosalie Schweiker is spending time at Kensal Green Cemetery developing some work out of the following questions:

What is the function of grave decorations?
Why do we try to express people's personalities with things?
What is the function of artists and what do they do when they are 'in residence'?
What is the function of the shed at the entrance of the cemetery and how could we get inside?
in short:
What is the function of the way things look in what they do?

If you happen to look after a grave at Kensal Green Cemetery and would like to tell Rosalie about it, you can contact her: or

January Update
Rosalie has built a small replica of the shed at the entrance to Kensal Green cemetery. You will be able to see this small shed in the actual shed in February 2011 (dates tbc).

Also available will be a limited, but affordably priced, edition. Each edition will contain a tour at Kensal Green Cemetery with Rosalie Schweiker and a hand-printed publication in form of A4 cards. You'll be able to see a preview of this publication soon. The money raised will go to the artist, Intervention Gallery and the people working in the shed.

The publication will ask:
What artists do when they are 'in residence'?
How we use things to get in touch with living and dead people?
Who is looking after the things at the cemetery?
When do things become people and people become things?

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